1958 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight J-2 Convertible

In 1958, Oldsmobile’s lineup featured models powered by the formidable Rocket V-8 engine, a revered component with a significant place in American performance history. The 1958 Oldsmobile model, as described in the sales brochure, was the embodiment of refined taste: grand and unmistakably exuding luxury. This sentiment was substantiated by an impressive array of newly introduced features, previously unavailable.

These included conveniences like a power top, power windows, air conditioning, auto-dimming headlights, power antenna, power brakes, power steering, and six-way power seats. A forward-looking addition was the sentinel speed warning alarm, allowing drivers to set an alert signal on the speedometer when a desired speed was attained. The ‘transportable’ radio was another futuristic feature, offering independent operation through a 160-hour battery after removal, providing music on the go.

Identified by body style number 3067DX, the 2-door Convertible took the spotlight as the most high-priced model in the 1958 Oldsmobile lineup. This lavish vehicle came with a staggering price tag of $4,300, leading to the production of just over 5,600 units for the model year.

Source: Bonhams