Weird Car Of The Day: 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado AQC Jetway 707

This unconventional-looking limousine was created on the original 1968-1970 Toronado, its wheelbase extended from 119 inches to 185 inches. The roof was heightened, and at the rear, two additional axles were added – a first for a stretched limousine. American Quality Coach claimed that this behemoth boasted 100 square feet of cargo space.

Given the significant size of this vehicle, a robust drivetrain was crucial for its on-road performance. Thus, the monster limo was propelled by a 455 cubic-inch gasoline V8 generating 375 horsepower, with power directed to the front wheels.

As anticipated, demand for a vehicle of such grand proportions was limited, and only 52 units of the Jetway 707 were officially made. Nevertheless, this stretched limousine proved to be a sought-after choice for efficiently transporting a large group of people around an airport.

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