Weird Car Of The Day: 1984 Zoe Zipper

Introduced to the United States in 1983 by Misuoka Motors of Japan, the Zoe Zipper was a unique three-wheeled car. Sporting a modern, sharp-edged design and powered by a Honda moped engine, it boasted impressive fuel efficiency, reportedly achieving 45 mph while consuming 112 miles per gallon under typical Japanese driving conditions. This made it a potential solution to the fuel crisis of the time.

Adding to its appeal for budget-conscious commuters, the Zoe Zipper could be registered as a motorcycle for insurance purposes, reducing ownership costs. However, despite its innovative features, the car failed to resonate with the majority of consumers who preferred vehicles with more seating and conventional designs. Despite this, a limited number of Zippers were produced, including sedan, convertible, and mini-truck variants, but fewer than 50 were reportedly built.

Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s