Cadillac Eldorado History 2001

Cadillac Eldorado Models & History 2001

The Eldorado Sport Coupe has been discontinued for 2001 so that only the Touring Coupe remains. In a world of modest sedans, Eldorado’s Touring Coupe’s sleek styling is a standout. The luxury of the interior and the performance of the 300-hp Northstar powertrain and advanced chassis components are equally impressive.


In a world filled with sedans, Eldorado features the kind of well-balanced, eye-catching lines that only a luxury coupe can offer.

  • Strong body structure reduces road and engine noise and improves ride and handling
  • Gently curving sheet metal, flush-mounted glass and front air dam contribute to a low drag coefficient, boosting fuel economy and cutting interior wind noise.
  • Body-colour grille gives Eldorado Touring Coupe an aggressive appearance
  • Composite halogen headlights contribute to elegant style, provide excellent illumination, and feature easy-to-change bulbs.
  • Flash-to-pass feature can enhance safety during 2-lane passing manoeuvres.
  • Daytime Running Lights enhance visibility to pedestrians and other drivers.
  • Automatic light control turns headlights and taillights on and off as external lighting conditions require, for safety and driver convenience.
  • Twilight Sentinel feature allows the headlights to remain lit for up to 3 minutes after the ignition has been turned off, lighting the way for the driver and passengers as they leave the car.
  • Fog lights enhance visibility during fog and other low-visibility conditions
  • Cornering lights, activated by the turn signals, provide an additional arc of light to the side, to illuminate dark driveways or to help signal other drivers of your intent to change lanes.
  • Wiper-activated headlight system automatically turns the headlights up to full intensity and turns on taillights for superior visibility after the windshield wipers have been activated for 20 seconds.
  • 8 km/h (5 mph) front and rear bumpers help protect against damage in minor collisions.
  • Electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic transmission provides almost imperceptible gear changes and includes an overdrive 4th gear for superior highway fuel economy.
  • Bosch traction control system manages both engine and brake systems to help maintain driving wheel traction in slippery conditions at all driving speeds, for enhanced vehicle control and stability when accelerating.
  • Continuously-Variable Road-Sensing Suspension constantly monitors driving conditions and adjusts suspension damping accordingly, for a better ride and more precise handling.
  • Power-assisted 4-wheet disc brakes feature large rotors and organic (non-asbestos) lining material, for superior response and pedal feel.
  • Bosch 4-wheet anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps driver to maintain steering control during emergency braking, even on most slippery surfaces.
  • Magnasteer magnetic speed variable-assist rack-and-pinion steering provides seamless transition from maximum assist for parking to minimum assist at highway speeds, for a superior road feel.
  • Integrated Chassis Control System (ICCS) coordinates steering, braking, traction control and suspension systems and contributes to increased safety and control.
  • StabiliTrak delivers more confident handling in all driving conditions. See Chassis/Suspension in Additional Product Information later in this section for full details.
  • Front-wheel drive provides all-weather traction and allows optimal use of interior space.


Eldorado Touring Coupe looks after passengers in luxurious style in a roomy, thoughtfully equipped interior.

  • Next Generation frontal air bags deploy with reduced force and help reduce injury in certain moderate to severe frontal collisions.
  • Front seat knee bolsters supplement the standard safety belts to help keep driver and passenger in their seats in the event of a frontal collision, allowing standard air bags to function as designed.
  • Side window defoggers help keep side windows clear for better visibility.
  • Height-adjustable front seat shoulder belts provide enhanced comfort for shorter and taller occupants.
  • Rear seat child shoulder belt comfort guides allow safety belts to be adjusted for a more comfortable fit for children and smaller adults.
  • Steel side-guard door beams and front and rear crush zones provide additional occupant protection in the event of certain collisions.
  • Heated power-adjustable front seats with power recliners provide excellent comfort.
  • Standard Nuance leather seating areas and genuine Zebrano wood trim create an atmosphere of true luxury.
  • Automatic dual-zone climate control system allows separate temperature adjustments for the driver and fron seat passenger, for enhanced comfort.
  • Rear air vents and blower enhance rear passenger comfort.


A fully independent Short/Long Arm rear suspension complements the front suspension and contributes to Eldorado’s excellent roadholding and controlled, comfortable ride.

  • Trunk offers generous capacity of 435L (15.3 cu. ft.).
  • Low trunk liftover provides easy loading/unloading of cargo.
  • Cargo convenience net keeps objects in trunk from shifting while the car is in motion.
  • An internal trunk release handle allows individuals to release themselves if they have been accidentally trapped inside the trunk (interim availability).
  • Power trunk pull-down allows effortless trunk closing.
  • Available trunk-mounted 12-disc CD changer provides excellent convenience and sound quality.


Eldorado is equipped with owner security in mind. A remote keyless entry system is standard, along with an audible/visible anti-theft alarm designed to sound the horn and flash the exterior lights in the event of a theft attempt.

  • Two-sided galvanized steel is used for all exterior body panels, except the roof, for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Base-coat/clear-coat paint has a deep, “wet-look” shine and lasts a long time.
  • Solar-control tinted glass helps protect interior materials from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays and reduces the load on the air conditioning system.
  • Standard bodyside mouldings help protect Eldorado Touring Coupe from minor damage in parking lots, etc.
  • Stainless steel exhaust system resists corrosion, for excellent durability.
  • Dual heated power-adjustable outside rearview mirrors provide excellent rearward visibility.
  • Passenger-side mirror automatically tilts down when transmission is placed in “Reverse,” for convenience in parallel parking. The mirror returns to its original position when the transmission is placed in “Park.”
  • Standard 16″ cast-aluminum wheels enhance style.
  • Remote keyless entry system locks/unlocks all doors and releases deck-lid from up to 6 m (20 ft.) away for added convenience.


Eldorado’s logical control layout, easy-reading instruments and stylish interior design make this car a rare pleasure to drive.

  • Full analogue instrumentation, including tachometer and coolant temperature gauges, provides important vehicle information at a glance.
  • Driver Information Centre provides readouts for date, trip functions and other information, along with warnings for a wide variety of vehicle conditions, including “Door Open” and “Door Ajar.”
  • Floor console with storage and cupholders adds convenience.
  • PASS-Key 11 theft-deterrent system is designed to disable Eldorado’s fuel system for 3 minutes if the correct key is not used to start the vehicle.
  • Power windows with a driver-side express-down feature enhance convenience.
  • Automatic power door locks with six-mode programmable feature enhance convenience and safety.
  • Lock-out protection disables power door lock switch and lock function on remote keyless entry key fob if key is in ignition, ignition is turned off and either door is open, helping drivers avoid locking their keys in the car.
  • Electrochromic auto-dimming interior and driver-side outside rearview mirrors add convenience and driver comfort by automatically reducing glare from the headlights of following vehicles during night driving.
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel features fingertip controls for sound system and climate control, for enhanced convenience and safety.
  • Horn pad covers entire steering wheel hub, making it easier to find the horn when it’s needed.
  • Tilt-Wheel adjustable steering column enhances comfort and convenience and assists entry and exit.
  • Cruise control helps reduce driver fatigue and can improve fuel economy on long trips.
  • When in “Auto Delay” position, Rainsense wiper system senses moisture on windshield and automatically activates windshield wipers, for greater safety and convenience.
  • Standard memory/personalization package for up to 2 different drivers includes memory functions for outside rearview mirrors, 8-way power driver’s seat adjuster, power recliner, power lumbar support, climate control system and preferences for perimeter lighting, activation chirp for remote keyless entry system and automatic door locking/unlockin& for improved comfort and convenience.
  • Superb sound systems provide excellent sound reproduction and outstanding convenience. (Review Sound System section for details.)


Components in Eldorodo’s Northstar System include:

  • Transaxle
  • Traction control system
  • Magnasteer
  • Continuously Variable Road-Sensing Suspension
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Integrated Chassis Control System
  • StabiliTrak
  • Road Texture Detection.


  • Low-oil sensor alerts drivers to low-oil situations, helping prevent engine damage.


  • This advanced transmission was specifically designed for use with the Northstar V8, and can handle higher combinations of torque and speed than any other front-wheel drive passenger car transmission in the world.
  • Powertrain control module (PCM) interfaces with the engine and monitors driving conditions such as vehicle speed, altitude, barometric pressure, etc., to ensure a proper balance between engine and transmission.
  • This advanced transmission not only compensates for engine throttle angle and vehicle speed, but its electronics also account for altitude, air conditioning load and temperature variation, producing more accurate calculations and superior precision and smoothness.
  • Torque management feature briefly reduces engine output before each gear change, for greater shift smoothness. Torque management also helps prevent jerking when shifting between forward and reverse, or between “Park” and “Neutral” at high-rpm idle.
  • Viscous converter clutch provides a solid link between engine and driving wheels during cruising, improving fuel economy while providing superior vibration isolation compared to a conventional torque converter clutch.
  • Adaptive shift quality automatics[ compensates for changes in the condition of the transmission over allowing the transmission to provide same high level of performance for many years.
  • Aluminum transmission casing helps reduce vehicle weight, contributing to improved performa and fuel economy.
  • Rigid transmission case cover helps reduce transmission noise.
  • Output is through equal-length driveshafts, which reduces the possibility of torque steer and prov more stable handling under acceleration.
  • Dexron III automatic transmission needs replacing only every 166,000 under normal conditions.
  • Final drive ratio of 3.71:1 contribut superior performance.


  • A full-function Bosch traction control system is an important safety feature on Eldorado Touring Coupe.
  • Traction control uses the ABS sensors to measure the speeds of the individual wheels and compare them to determine if wheelspin is taking place.
  • Should wheelspin be sensed while accelerating, the system signals Eldorado’s ABS to apply the appropriate brake(s) and simultaneously reduces the amount of torque being generated by the engine. Engine torque is managed in the following sequence:
    • Retards the spark timing.
    • Up-shifts the transmission.
    • Interrupts fuel delivery to the engine
  • All these changes reduce the amount of torque being transmitted by the engine to the driving wheels.
  • The benefit of Eldorado’s traction control system is improved vehicle stability under acceleration in certain driving conditions, thanks to driving wheel traction being maintained.
  • System operates in both forward and reverse gears.
  • An on/off switch allows the driver to disable the traction control system in unusual conditions, such as when rocking the car in deep snow.


  • MacPherson strut front suspension provides independent wheel control.
  • Short/Long Arm rear suspension ensures maximum tire-to-road contact.
  • Automatic rear level control adjusts the rear suspension to maintain handling characteristics and headlight aiming.
  • Front and rear stabilizer bars control body roll during cornering.
    • Front bar: 21 mm
    • Rear bar: 16 mm



  • integrated accelerometers and position sensors gather information about body and road conditions.
  • Micro-processor-based controller interprets information 1,000 times per second and adjusts the shock absorbers accordingly.
  • Fast-acting variable dampers at each wheel adjust to provide a gentle, well-isolated ride in normal driving and firmer damping in more aggressive driving situations or in other appropriate conditions.
  • System compensates for changes in damping due to cold, to provide a supple ride free of harshness and excess noise, even in sub-freezing temperatures.



  • A GM-exclusive design, Magnasteer combines hydraulic, electronic and magnetic controls to raise and lower the amount of assist provided.
  • Assist is increased at low speeds to make manoeuvring and parking easier.
  • Assist is reduced at highway speeds to provide good stability and enhanced road feel.
  • Compared to other systems which provide a limited number of pre-set boost levels, this system is infinitely variable, for seamless transitions as vehicle speeds rise and fall.
  • Rack-and-pinion steering provides excellent responsiveness and good road feel.
  • Magnasteer uses a sophisticated combination of electromagnetic, hydraulic and mechanical systems to vary steering assist according to vehicle speed and other variables. Steering is light yet precise at low speeds for easy parking and manoeuvring, becoming firmer as speeds increase.


Four-wheel disc brakes and a Bosch ABS system are standard.

  • Bosch 4-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS) enhances accident avoidance by helping the driver to maintain steering control during emergency braking, even on most slippery surfaces.
  • Four-wheel disc brakes provide excellent braking response with minimal effort.
  • Large brake rotors and Generation III front calipers provide the following benefits:
    • lower brake temperatures
    • reduced noise and fade
    • increased brake life
    • reduced brake “pulsing’
    • reduced need for increased pedal effort over time.
  • Audible front disc brake wear sensors emit a high-pitched squeal to alert drivers to worn brake pads.
  • Front ventilated disc brakes dissipate heat for even greater fade resistance.


Eldorado Touring Coupe features an Integrated Chassis Control System (ICCS) and Rood Texture Detection. These systems are designed to make vehicle behaviour more consistent under all driving conditions on all road surfaces, and to improve the performance ofthe anti-lock braking system on rough or bumpy pavement

  • Steering angle sensor reads steering wheel position (straight or specific left or right turning angle) down to single degree of rotation and sends that information to the ABS/Traction Control and Road-Sensing Suspension systems.
  • The results during tight low-speed manoeuvres include shorter braking distances, greater handling stability, and more predictable handling.


StabiliTrak helps control both oversteer and understeer situations to improve response to driver input. This feature operates as follows:

  1. ICCS electronics continually measure the car’s yaw (the degree to which turning around its centre of gravity
  2. This information and data about the car’s speed, cornering force and the steering wheel angle, are used to calculate how accurately the car is responding to the driver’s steering input.
  3. The system can then adjust individual front brake application, or apply brakes automatically, to help steer the car in the direction intended by the driver.


  • Road Texture Detection has been developed to help prevent the unnecessary activation of Touring Coupe’s ABS and traction control systems.
  • Potholes and other road surface irregularities cause changes in wheel speed that ABS and traction control systems may wrongly interpret as the beginning of a skid.
  • Cadillac’s ICCS uses the Road-Sensing Suspension sensors to determine whether the road is smooth, rough, coarse, or harsh.
  • This information is then fed to the ABS and traction control systems, which are programmed to allow higher amounts of slip on rougher roads.


  • Eldorado Touring Coupe features standard H-rated Goodyear RS-A performance all-season tires, contributing to a controlled ride and responsive handling.
  • Z-rated Goodyear Eagle GA performance all-season tires are available, for even greater handling and performance response.


Tire designations that include on S, T, H, V, W, Y or Z speed-rating symbol (such as P24515OZR76) show that the tire has been tested to sustained capability at higher than normal speeds.
The most common ratings are:

  • S – up to 180 km/h
  • T – up to 190 km/h
  • H – up to 210 km/h
  • V – up to 240 km/h
  • W – up to 270 km/h
  • Y – up to 300 km/h
  • Z – over 300 km/h

A speed rating symbol is an indication of the speed capability of the tire. General Motors of Canada does not endorse the operation of any vehicle in an unsafe or unlawful manner. Speed ratings are based on laboratory tests which have been shown to correlate with performance on the road. These speed ratings do not imply that vehicles can be safely driven at the maximum tire speed capability.


  • Power antenna enhances security and convenience.
  • Power heated outside rearview mirrors – including an electrochromic auto-dimming driver-side mirror provide excellent visibility and convenience.
  • Passenger-side mirror automatically tilts down when transmission is placed in “Reverse,” for convenience in parallel parking. Mirror returns to original setting when transmission is placed in “Drive.”
  • Dual-dual exhaust outlets provide a performance appearance.
  • Unitized body construction provides superior torsional rigidity, which allows more precise suspension tuning for improved handling.
  • Unitized construction also reduces vehicle weight, helping to improve fuel efficiency, handling and performance.
  • Available power sunroof includes an express-open feature providing enhanced convenience and enjoyment.


In every available exterior colour, Eldorado shines with the lustre of base-coat/clear-coat paint – a technique that provides a number of important benefits.

  • Deeper, richer colour. The high solids base-coat contains more pigments than traditional paints.
  • Deep, high-quality “wet-look” shine.
  • Effective environmental protection. The top clear-coat helps protect the colour coats from damage from the sun, acid rain, etc.
  • Superior gloss retention. Tests show base-coat/clear-coat systems retain 98% of their gloss for a 48-month period, compared to only 60% over the same time period for regular finishes.



  • 8-way power adjustable front bucket seats with articulating head restraints, power recliners and memory function add luxury and convenience.
  • Heated front seat backs and cushions deliver improved comfort in cold weather.
  • Front seats feature 4-way power lumbar adjusters, providing individualized back support and greater comfort on long drives.


  • Rear child seat tether anchors are provided to reduce the forward motion of a child seat and its occupant in the, event of sudden deceleration.
  • An internal trunk release handle allows individuals to release themselves if they have been accidentally trapped inside the trunk (interim availability).
  • Illuminated entry system interior lights automatically to allow driver and passengers to inspect Eldorado’s interior before entering
  • Rear seat integral head restraints add passenger safety in the event of certain impacts from the rear
  • Universal programmable garage door opener changes the encoded access signal every time the garage door is opened or closed, for added security


  • Rear air controls enhance comfort of rear passengers
  • Rear storage armrest with dual cupholders adds comfort and convenience for rear passengers.
  • Illuminated visor vanity mirrors provide convenience for driver and front passenger.


Eldorado’s available dealer-installed trunk storage system adds cargo-carrying versatility:

  • Tray slides forward and backwards for ease of loading/unloading.
  • Prevents packages from sliding or tipping over.
  • Movable dividers allow a wide range of configurations for a variety of cargo moving capabilities.
  • Entire system folds up and slides out of the way to accommodate larger cargo items.


  • Resume function returns car to pre-set speed.
  • Accelerate/decelerate function increases and decreases vehicle speed and varies cruise control speed setting.
  • Tap-up/tap-down functions allow drivers to raise or lower speed settings in 1.6 km/h (1 mph) increments.
  • Coast function allows drivers to disengage cruise control without touching the brake or turning the system off.


Eldorado features a Driver Information Centre as standard equipment. Driver Information Centre displays the status of the following vehicle systems:

  • Fuel Range
  • Average Fuel Consumption
  • Instantaneous Fuel Consumption
  • Fuel Used (since last reset)
  • Average Vehicle Speed
  • Timer
  • Oil Life Left
  • Battery Voltage
  • English/Metric
  • Phone Display (when equipped with Dealer installed cellular telephone)
  • Stability Reduced
  • Stability Engaged
  • Service Steering System (single chime will sound)
  • Engine Misfire – Ease Off Gas Pedal (multiple chime will sound)
  • Low Fuel Level
  • Check Fuel Gauge (single chime will sound)
  • Ice Possible
  • Traction Suspended
  • Traction Engaged
  • Headlights Suggested
  • Transmission Hot – Idle Engine
  • Check Gas Cap.
  • Low-fuel light alerts driver when remaining fuel drops below 11 L (2.5 gal.), helping drivers to avoid running out of gas.


Eldorado is equipped with a host of advanced electronic features which contribute to the convenience and safety of its owners and their passengers.


  • Automatic power door locks. System can be programmed to operate in any of 6 different modes:
    1. Off.
    2. Lock all doors when shifted out of “Park.” Unlock all doors when shifted into “Park.”
    3. Lock all doors when shifted out of “Park.” Leave doors locked when shifted into “Park.”
    4. Lock all doors when shifted out of “Park.” Unlock drivees door only when shifted into “Park.”
    5. Lock all doors when shifted out of “Park.” Unlock all doors when ignition key is turned to “Off” position.
    6. Lock all doors when shifted out of “Park.” Unlock driver’s door only when ignition key is turned to “Off” position.
  • Lock-out protection. Automatically disables power door lock switch and lock function on remote keyless entry key fob if key is in ignition, ignition is turned off and either door is open, helping drivers avoid locking their keys in the car.


  • Remote keyless entry system. Allows drivers to lock/unlock doors, unlock trunk and unlock fuel filter door from up to 6 m (20 ft.) away. The remote keyless entry system also incorporates the following features:
    • Activation verification. Parking lights flash once to indicate that the doors have been successfully locked and twice to indicate that the doors have been unlocked. Feature can be turned off if the user so desires. If the driver prefers, system can also verify locking by chirping the horn, either by itself or in conjunction with flashing the parking lights.
    • Personalization. With cars which are driven by several drivers, each keyless entry key fob (2 per car) identifies its particular user and can be programmed to return the outside rearview mirrors, the climate control system, the radio pre-sets, the phone directory (when equipped with available cellular phone) and memory seat to that user’s preferred settings. Memory functions can be triggered by touching the remote keyless entry key fob’s Unlock button, by inserting the key in the ignition, or by touching the driver’s seat’s memory switch, depending on the driver’s preference.
    • Perimeter lighting. When the unlock button is pressed, all white lights on the vehicle exterior illuminate for 15 seconds. Feature operates only when required by ambient lighting conditions.


  • Battery run-down protection. Shuts down headlights and courtesy, reading, trunk, glove compartment, vanity mirror and map lights if they are left on for more than 10 minutes with the ignition off, to help prevent battery run-down. System also puts power door locks. remote keyless entry and other electrical features into “dormant” mode if the vehicle is unused for three days, helping to preserve the battery.
  • Storage mode. Allows the driver to select an immediate storage mode to protect the battery if he/she knows the car will be left undriven for a prolonged period.
  • Twilight Sentinel. Keeps headlights illuminated for up to three minutes after the ignition has been turned off, lighting the way for occupants leaving the car.
  • Retained accessory power. Allows select electrical functions to operaaate up to 10 minutes after the ignition is turned off, or until a door is opened.

Each of Eldorado Touring Coupe’s two keyless entry key fobs can be programmed so that its particular has their preferred settings, such as climate control system, radio pre-s and outside mirror positions.


With OnStar, the rewards of Cadillac ownership extend far beyond the luxurious confines of the car itself.

OnStar is the innovative in-vehicle communications and assistance service* that’s designed to provide an extraordinary level of convenience and peace of mind. OnStar offers attentive, personalized service from dedicated OnStar Advisors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply touch the OnStar button tastefully integrated into Eldorado’s interior – and within seconds you’re connected to the OnStar Centre.

No matter where an Eldorado owner may travel in Canada or the United States, OnStar can assist in finding an appropriate hotel recommend a fine restaurant and book a reservation … even help secure available tickets to a play or sporting event. OnStar can also guide the Eldorado – corner by corner, to a chosen destination.

OnStar also offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance safety and security – a particularly important concern when far from home. Day or night, OnStar is there to help contact emergency services or roadside assistance. Even in an accident where the air bags deploy, the OnStar equipped Cadillac will call for help.

Exclusive to Cadillac among luxury vehicles, is one year of OnStar’s Premium Services Plan included on every 2001 Cadillac model.


Transmission type 4-speed electronically-controlled automatic with overdrive (MX0/4T80-E)
Case material Die-cast aluminum
Gear Ratios
1st gear 2.96
2nd gear 1.63
3rd gear 1.00
4th gear 0.68
Reverse 2.13
Axle ratio 3.71



Front – type Power, vented disc
Rear – type Power, disc
Anti-Lock Brake System – Type/Manufacturer 4-wheel/Bosch ABS5
Swept area, front/rear cm’ (in.’) 1531 (237.3)/1036 (160.6)
Diameter, front mm (in.) 301 (11.9)
Thickness, front mm (in.) 32 (1.26)
Diameter, rear mm (in.) 278 (10.9)
Thickness, rear mm (in.) 11 (0.43)


Type magnasteer, magnetic speed variable-assist, rack-and-pinion
Turning diameter, wall-to-wall m (ft.) 12.8 (42.0)
Turning diameter, curb-to-curb, m (ft.) 12.3 (40.4)
Overall ratio 14.1:1
Turns, lock-to-lock 2.83


Front – type Independent, MacPherson Strut
Springs Coil, steel
Shocks, piston diameter mm (in.) 32 (1.26)
Stabilizer bar/diameter, mm (in.) Solid steel/21 (0.83)
Rear – type Independent with upper and lower control arms
Springs Coil, steel
Shocks, piston diameter mm (in.) 32 (1.26)
Stabilizer bar/diameter, mm (in.) Solid steel/16 (0.63)
Transmission Electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic with overdrive
Traction Control Bosch full-function with on/off switch
Brakes 4-wheel disc
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Bosch
Suspension 4-wheel independent, continuously varaiable Road-Sensing
Integrated Chassis Control System (ICCS) With StabiliTrak and Road Texture Detection
Steering Magnasteer magnetic speed variable-assist rack-and-pinion
Final Drive Ratio 3.71:1
Antenna Power
Anti-Theft Alarm Audible/Visible
Lights Cornering lights and Fog lights
Glass Solar-control tinted
Headlights With windshield wiper activation and flash-to-pass
Keyless Entry system Remote with activation chirp, personalization and perimeter lighting features
Mirrors Dual heated power remote with driver-side electrochromic auto-dimming feature and passenger-side automatic tilt-down when placed in “Reverse”
Wheels 16″ cast-aluminum, painted, Eldorado Touring Coupe-specific
Tires P235/60R16 all-season performance Goodyear Eagle RS-A, H-rated
Air Bags Next Generatio, driver and front passenger, frontal
Air Conditioning Dual-zone electronic climate control with air recirculation mode, rear air ventilation ducts and blower motor and non-ozone depleting refrigerant
Armrest Rear storage with dual cupholders
Cellular Phone Wiring provisions only
Console Full front with floor shifter, armrest and dual cupholders
Cruise Control Electronic, with resume, coast and decelerate/accelerate features
Door Locks Automatic power with programmable feature, central door lock/unlock and lock-out protection
Fuel Filler Door Release Power remote
Instrumentation Analogue gauge cluster with tachometer and Driver Information Centre
Lighting Illuminataed entry/exit lighting with theatre dimming and illumination on ignition key removal
Memory/Personalization Package Includes specific memory for each remote keyless entry fob for outside mirrors and driver seat position, sound system and climate control temperature settings, remote keyless entry and power door lock preferences
Mirror Rearview electrochromic auto-dimming with compass and 3-button OnStar key pad
Vanity Mirrors Driver and passenger variable intensity illuminated
Power Retained Accessory Power
Seating 8-way power heated front bucket seats with power recliners, 4-way power front seat lumbar adjusters and memory driver’s seat with memory mirrors
Seating Surfaces Leather
Sound System AM/FM stereo with cassette tape and CD players, Digital Signal Processing, Radio Data System (RDS), Weather Band and Bose 4 speaker system
Steering Column Tilt-Wheel
Steering Wheel Leather-wrapped with climate and sound system controls
Theft-Deterrent System PASS-Key II
Trim Zebrano wood on instrument panel trimplate, centre front console and ashtray door
Trunk Carogo convenience net
Trunk Release Power remote with power pull-down
Windows Power with driver express-down feature
Windshield Wipers Rainsense


Engine type Northstar 4.6L V8, 32-valve DOHC
Displacement 4.6 liters
Bore & Stroke 93mm x 84mm
Compression ratio 10.0:1
Power (ESC) 205 kW @ 5600 rpm
Power (ETC) 224 kW @ 6000 rpm
Torque (ESC) 407 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Torque (ETC) 400 Nm @ 4400 rpm
Block Aluminum
Cylinder heads Aluminum
Valving 4 valves per cylinder and direct-acting valvetrain with automatic valve lash adjustment
Camshaft – material Cast-iron
Intake manifold – material Composite
Exhaust manifold – material Dual-wall stainless steel
Exhaust system – material Stainless steel
Carburetion Sequential Fuel Injection
Ignition Crank-triggered ignition with platinum-tipped spark plugs
Exhaust System Stainless steel
Coolant DEX-Cool up to 240,000 kms
Recommended fuel Premium unleaded (91-octane)
  • Starter lock-out prevents drivers from trying to start the engine while it is already running.
  • “Limp-home” function allows the car to travel for short distances at up to 80 km/h with no engine coolant whatsoever.
  • Engine block heater makes for easier starting and shorter warmups in cold weather conditions.
  • Fine-pitch chain cam drive
  • Magnesium cam covers


  • Configuration: Front engine/front-wheel drive/transverse engine
  • Transmission: 4-speed automatic with Dexron III long-life fluid
  • Brake transmission: shift interlock
  • Clutch: Viscous converter clutch
  • Transmission ratio:
    • 1st gear ratio : 2.96:1
    • 2nd gear ratio : 1.63:1
    • 3rd gear ratio : 1.00:1
    • 4th gear ratio : 0.68:1
  • ESC Final drive ratio : 3.11:1
  • ETC Final drive ratio : 3.71:1


Wheelbase 2743mm
Overall length 5095mm
Height 1361mm
Width 1918mm
Front Tread 1546mm
Rear Tread 1546mm
ESC Tires P225/60R16 S-rated
ETC Tires P235/55R17 W-rated
Suspension Fully independent, coil springs with automatic rear level control
ESC Suspension Integrated Chassis Control System 2.0 with StabiliTrak 2.0 (Normal)
ETC Suspension Continuously Variable Road-Sensing Suspension 2.0, Integrated Chassis Control System 2.0 with StabiliTrak 2.0 (Firm) and Road Texture Detection
Steering Speed-sensitive variable-assist, Magnasteer III
Turning circle 12.3 m curb-to-curb
Turns 2.4 lock-to-lock
Brakes Power, 4-wheel disc with electric wear sensors and ABS
Traction control All speeds — brakes/engine


Acceleration 0-96 km/h 7.7 seconds 6.7 seconds
Top Speed 180 km/h 240 km/h
City Fuel consumption 14.0 L/100km
Highway Fuel consumption 7.9 L/100km

Note: Top speed electronically limited to the speed rating of the tires.


  • Oil : 6.6 Liter
  • Coolant : 11.8 Liter
  • Fuel : 72 Liter
  • Battery : 12 volt
  • ESC Towing : 907 kg
  • ETC Towing : 1361 kg
  • Trunk : 435 Liter
  • Curb weight : 1749 kg


Feature Front Rear
Head room 961mm 961mm
Leg room 1081mm 901mm
Hip room 1464mm 1416mm
Shoulder room 1478mm 1463mm
  • Seating capacity: 5


  • Air bags: Next Generation, driver and front passenger-side, frontal; driver and front passenger-side, seat-mounted side impact
  • Air conditioning: Automatic, dual-zone; includes rear ventilation outlets with rear blower motor
  • Air filtration system:
  • Antenna: diversity, front and rear window integrated
  • Anti-lockout: Any door with key in ignition, in any position
  • Armrest: Rear seat, center, dual cupholders with pass-through
  • Console: Front floor with gated floor shifter
  • Cruise control: Electronic, steering wheel-mounted
  • Door locks: Programmable automatic power
  • Door locks: Child security rear door
  • Exterior Mirrors: Foldaway, power remote control, heated; driver-side includes auto-dimming electrochromic feature
  • Fuel filler door: Power remote release
  • Garage door opener: Universal 3-channel, programmable
  • Glass: Solar-Ray, tinted
  • Headlights: Daytime Running Lights, automatic light control with Twilight Sentinel
  • Headlights: Windshield wiper activated
  • Head restraints: Front seat, articulating with power height adjustment
  • Illuminated entry or exit system: with exterior puddle lighting
  • Instrumentation: Analog cluster (includes digital readout)
  • Instrumentation: Driver information center
  • Keyless entry system: Remote (includes perimeter lighting, personalization and activation notification)
  • Interior Lights: Front and rear reading
  • Interior Mirror: Inside rearview, auto-dimming electrochromic with compass and 3-button OnStar System
  • Lights: Front cornering
  • OnStar In-Vehicle Communications and Assistance Service: Includes one-year Premium Service Plan
  • Programmable Features: Automatic door locking, remote flashing lights, perimeter lighting, and battery storage mode
  • Retained Accessory Power
  • Safety belts: Intentional-set comfort feature, all belts-to-seat, front seat power height adjustable
  • Seats: Front buckets with Nuance leather seating areas
  • Seats: Heated front and rear seating areas
  • Seats: Power 6-way front adjusters and power recliners
  • Seats: Power 4-way front lumbar controls
  • Smoker’s Package: Ashtray and lighter
  • Steering Column: Tilt-Wheel adjustable
  • Steering wheel: Leather wrapped with sound system, climate, and cruise control switches
  • Sunshades: Left and right side padded; illuminated vanity mirrors, variable intensity
  • Tether anchors: Child-seat, 3-position rear seat
  • Theft-deterrent system: Alarm, audible and visual
  • Theft-deterrent system: PASS-Key III
  • Trunk: Power remote release with valet lock-out
  • Trunk: Internal release handle (Interim)
  • Windows: Power, express-down all windows, express-up and pinch guard (interim) features on front windows
  • Windshield wipeers: Rainsense
  • Wood trim: Zebrano


All the ESC standard features plus the following:

  • Fog lights
  • Memory Package: Includes for 2 drivers
    • Power driver’s seat
    • Driver’s lumbar setting
    • Driver’s head restraint and shoulder belt position
    • Driver’s seat exit position
    • Driver’s tilt/telescopic steering column
    • Perimeter lighting
    • Activation verification
    • Outside rearview mirrors
    • Programmable power door locks
    • Climate control settings
    • Radio pre-sets
  • Mirror: Passenger outside rearview with tilt-down parallel park feature
  • Seats: Perforated Nuance leather seating areas
  • Steering column: Power tilt/telescope
  • Six-disc CD changer: In floor console
  • Wood Trim Package: Includes accents on steering wheel and shift knob


  • AM stereo / FM stereo 250-watt system, cassette tape and CD player, clock, TheftLock and 8 speakers, (std. ESC)
  • AM stereo / FM stereo Bose 4.0 425-watt system, cassette tape and CD players, Radio Data System, Digital Sound Processing, weatherband, clock, TheftLock, and 8 Bose amplified speakers (std. ETC, opt. ESC)



  • ESC 1SB Package includes :
    • Memory package: Includes for 2 drivers
      • Power driver’s seat
      • Driver’s lumbar setting
      • Driver’s head restraint and shoulder belt position
      • Driver’s seat exit position
      • Driver’s tilt/telescopic steering column
      • Perimeter lighting
      • Activation verification
      • Outside rearview mirrors
      • Programmable power door locks
      • Climate control settings
      • Radio pre-sets
    • Steering column: power tilt/telescopic
  • ESC 15C Package includes 1SB plus the following:
    • Sound system: AM stereo/FM stereo Bose 4.0 425-watt system, cassette tape and CD players, Radio Data System, Digital Sound Processing, weatherband, clock, TheftLock, and 8 Bose amplified speakers
    • Ultrasonic Rear Parking assist: Rear obstacle detection
    • Wheels: 16″ x 7″ chromed aluminum
  • ETC 1SE Package includes:
    • Headlights: High-Intensity Discharge (HID)
    • Instrumentation: Tire pressure monitor
    • Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist: Rear obstacle detection
  • ETC 1SF Package includes 1SE plus the following:
    • Analog cell phone and cell phone provisions
    • Sunroof: power, sliding glass panel with express-open feature
  • Analog cell phone and cell phone provisions
  • Seats : Driver and front passenger, heated variable adaptive
  • Six-disc CD changer : In floor console (std. ETC)
  • Sunroof : Power, sliding glass panel with express-open feature
  • Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist : Rear obstacle detection
  • Wood Trim Package : Includes accents on steering wheel and shift knob (std. ETC)


Seville Color & Trim Chart


2001 Cadillac DeVille