1949 Oldsmobile Futuramic 98

Oldsmobile refreshed its flagship 98 Series in 1948, carrying over into 1949, with a revamped look inspired by the marque’s Futuramic styling concept. The convertible was one of four 98 body types on the 125-inch wheelbase chassis that incorporated the Futuramic design language.

Oldsmobile boasted in period advertising that the 1949 Futuramic embodied “the dramatic design of the future-the finest of functional modern design in any field.” A glimpse at the remarkable convertible on offer would undoubtedly convince most post-war automobile enthusiasts that Oldsmobile had indeed hit the mark.

Though the Futuramic’s styling was a significant triumph, the more significant news may have been the introduction of the 303-cubic-inch Rocket V-8 engine in 1949 that can deliver up to 135 horsepower. The Futuramic was undoubtedly a luxurious cruiser that exuded style and comfort on the open road.

Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s