1958 Aston Martin DB Mark III Sports Saloon

Following the DB2/4 Mark II, Aston Martin introduced the DB Mark III two years later, producing 551 units, primarily saloons, from March 1957 to July 1959. The most prominent external change was the adoption of a DB3S-style grille, which would become the signature look for future Aston Martins. This restyled front gave the car a more imposing appearance, complemented by a redesigned dashboard inside, featuring instruments grouped in a cowled panel in front of the driver.

Under the hood, the 3.0-liter DBA engine underwent a significant overhaul by Tadek Marek, who had recently joined from Austin. The engine improvements included a stiffer block, stronger crankshaft, and a new cylinder head with larger valves. With a single-pipe exhaust system, the car produced 162bhp, while the optional twin-pipe version increased the power to 178bhp.

Enhancements were also made to the clutch and gearbox, and Laycock overdrive became available. Moreover, front disc brakes were now standard from the 100th car onward, starting at chassis ‘1401’. Despite a slight increase in weight, the Mark III surpassed its predecessors in speed, reaching a top speed of 120mph (193km/h).

Source: Bonhams