1957 Lancia Aurelia B24S Convertible

The B24S Convertible stands as the pinnacle of Italy’s post-World War II automotive ingenuity, representing the zenith of Lancia’s influential Aurelia design. Launched in 1950 at the Turin Motor Show, the Aurelia made history as the first car to feature a V6 engine. The subsequent B20 Coupé, a Pinin Farina-designed 2+2 GT, and the 1955 B24 Spider and Convertible models continued to refine the Aurelia legacy, boasting a 2½-litre, 118bhp V6 engine and adopting a leaf-sprung De Dion rear axle.

The Aurelia Spider, inspired by Pinin Farina’s open Ferraris and nicknamed ‘America’ for its intended U.S. market, featured a distinctive wraparound windscreen and a 2,450mm wheelbase. The ‘S’ in its type designation indicated left-hand drive as standard. In 1956, the Spider America evolved into the B24S Convertible, a Pinin Farina-designed model sharing mechanical roots with the 5th series Aurelia B20.

While superficially resembling its predecessor, the Convertible was a comprehensive redesign with deeper doors, wind-up windows, a flatter windscreen, and a proper convertible hood. Built on the Spider’s wheelbase, it housed a slightly less potent 110bhp version of the 2½-litre V6. More refined than its precursor, the Convertible enjoyed greater commercial success, with 521 units sold between 1956 and 1958 compared to the Spider’s 240.

Source: Bonhams Cars