1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America

Coachwork by Pinin Farina

Lancia’s Aurelia B10 berlina, unveiled at the 1950 Turin Motor Show, marked the brand’s post-war return. Despite its unremarkable exterior, it pioneered groundbreaking technology, evolving through six series over eight years to become the archetype of modern Gran Turismo cars.

Led by Vittorio Jano and Francesco de Virgilio, the Aurelia program introduced the industry’s first V6 engine, innovative unitary construction, and a rear transaxle with inboard brakes for optimal weight distribution. It also debuted radial tires as standard.

The series progressed, culminating in the B24S Spider America, a stunning sports car tailored for the American market, with just 240 units produced. Its design, reminiscent of Lancia’s racing heritage, exuded elegance and performance.

Each series saw enhancements, from engine upgrades to refined suspensions. The Spider America, with its distinctive styling and exceptional road manners, epitomized post-war European sports car excellence.

Today, owning a meticulously restored Spider America is a rare opportunity, as these prized examples seldom leave private collections. The B24S embodies sophisticated, spirited elegance, cementing its status as a coveted gem in Lancia’s illustrious history.

Photos by Peter Seabrook courtesy of RM Sotheby’s