1957 Lancia Appia GT Zagato Berlinetta

Mirroring the styling cues of its larger counterpart, the Aurelia B10, Lancia unveiled their compact creation, the Appia, at the Turin Motor Show in 1953. This introduction marked a significant event in the automotive world. In 1937, Lancia had secured the expertise of acclaimed automotive engineer Vittorio Jano, renowned for his work at Alfa Romeo. The Appia emerged as one of Jano’s initial designs after the war, attesting to his prowess.

Exemplifying Lancia’s renowned commitment to engineering excellence, the Appia was meticulously crafted to meet their exacting standards. Although the developmental costs were substantial, the car’s position within the fiercely competitive small car market segment hampered the profits that Lancia direly required. Nevertheless, the Appia managed to achieve commendable sales.

In tandem with the standard Appia saloon, a collection of exclusive models emerged. These limited edition versions, fabricated on distinct chassis and clothed by renowned carrozzerias, showcased the brand’s versatility. Pinin Farina contributed the coupe variant, Vignale crafted the cabriolet, and Zagato lent their expertise to the GT coupe.

Engine potency was amplified to 53bhp for these performance-oriented Appias. When matched with Zagato’s hallmark lightweight, aluminum, aerodynamic bodywork, these models achieved a remarkable top speed of 100mph (160km/h), cementing their reputation for speed and agility.

Source: Bonhams