1930 Packard 745 Deluxe Eight Convertible Victoria by Waterhouse

The Convertible Victoria body style is an iconic example of the Classic Era, and Waterhouse of Webster, Massachusetts was a master of executing this style to perfection. As a boutique firm, Waterhouse only produced around 200-300 bodies during its five-year run. They are credited with being the first to bring the Convertible Victoria design to the US from the Belgian firm, Vanden Plas.

What set Waterhouse’s Convertible Victoria apart was its low line, achieved by building it over the frame rails rather than atop them. Additionally, the convertible top was ingeniously engineered to fold flush into a “notch” at the rear of the body. Crafted with the superior workmanship of a small shop, every Waterhouse Convertible Victoria was one of the most exquisitely beautiful convertibles money could buy, inspiring imitations by other competitors.

Source: RM Sotheby’s