1930 Packard 745 Deluxe Eight

In 1929, Packard made significant updates to its Sixth Series line, introducing a new 320ci engine for the Standard Eight, while reserving the larger and more powerful 384.8ci eight for the prestigious Custom Eight and Deluxe Eight models.

The 7th Series, launched in August of the same year, brought incremental improvements, such as a new Detroit Lubricator carburetor. Though the power output remained the same, the new carburetor enhanced flexibility. Additionally, a dual-belt water pump was introduced, requiring a one-inch increase in wheelbase and hood length. The standard inclusion of a four-speed manual transmission, featuring a special extra-low gear for challenging conditions like deep mud or snow, was notable.

A one-shot Bijur chassis lubrication system was now conveniently incorporated, ensuring a quiet and refined ride. As always, a diverse range of body styles was available, ranging from sporty roadsters and convertibles to luxurious formal limousines. Coachbuilders such as Lebaron, Deitrich, Rollston, and Brewster provided semi-custom coachwork options, while Packard’s in-house body shop crafted bodies renowned for their quality and style, perfectly complementing the vehicle’s esteemed engineering.

Source: Bonhams