1926 Packard Standard Eight Model 236 Roadster

In 1924, Packard introduced its first eight-cylinder car, the Single Eight, with four-wheel brakes. The nine-bearing sidevalve straight-eight engine produced 85bhp at 3,000rpm from 5.9 liters, enabling speeds up to 80mph despite its average weight of 4,000 pounds.

The Model 236 Sport Roadster features a 136-inch wheelbase and a sporty roadster body, creating an incredible driver experience with a sleek appeal. Spare parts are located at the rear on a mounting plate with a key lock.

Notable factory accessories include a radiator stone guard, cowl lights, drum headlights, an additional center headlight mounted to the steering, mechanical brakes with disc wheels, step plates on running boards, a golf bag compartment, and a rumble seat.

Source: Bonhams