1929 Packard Deluxe Eight

The 1929 Packard 6th Series Eights, epitomizing the Classic Era’s allure, boasted captivating design elements. Characterized by elongated hoods, graceful fenders, and distinctive large oval headlights—a feature exclusive to that year—their aesthetic appeal was unparalleled. Notable details, from ornate moldings encircling the cowl to a contrasting color décor panel along the beltline, showcased the model’s meticulous craftsmanship.

The powerhouse of the 6th Series Eight, a 385-cubic-inch engine, delivered 105 horsepower at 3,200 rpm. The seven main bearings and a solid one-piece cylinder block casting ensured a remarkably quiet operation. Renowned English road testers from The Autocar were notably impressed, describing the car’s ability to reach high speeds effortlessly, devoid of engine strain or harshness.

Available in two wheelbase lengths—140 1/2″ Custom Eight 640 and 145 1/2″ Deluxe Eight 645—the model offered an array of body styles. Packard, though consolidating coachwork in-house, maintained an “Individual Custom Line” with sixteen bodies from Dietrich, LeBaron, and Rollston.

The 140 1/2″ and 145 1/2″ wheelbases perfectly accommodated the growing demand for 5- and 7-passenger enclosed bodies. This adaptability extended to formal sedan and limousine coachwork, reflecting the versatile design prowess of individuals like Raymond Dietrich and Archer Knapp.

Despite the seemingly paradoxical pairing of 2-place coachwork on a 140 or 145-inch wheelbase, Packard’s designers and craftsmen achieved a harmonious balance. Today, these 1929 Packard 6th Series Eights stand as prized collector cars, celebrated for their exceptional performance, quiet operation, timeless style, and enduring presence—a testament to the elegance and opulence of the “Roaring Twenties.”

Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s