1967 Iso Grifo GL Series I

Some of Italy’s most remarkable GT cars have emerged from unexpected origins, and the inception of Iso stands out as particularly unconventional, originating from a company primarily focused on manufacturing household appliances—specifically, refrigerators—before venturing into the production of the Isetta microcar.

Despite these unlikely beginnings, Iso defied expectations and crafted a truly exceptional driver’s machine, seamlessly blending elegant Italian design by Bertone with the raw power of an unrestrained American Corvette V-8.

The Iso Grifo, a standout in its era, claimed its place as one of the world’s fastest production cars, boasting a top speed exceeding 140 mph. With a limited production run, estimated at just 330 Series I examples, it became highly coveted when new and retains that status today.

The Iso Grifo, in its early days, brought together a captivating legacy, muscular power, alluring design, and impressive performance. Its pragmatic appeal was further enhanced by the inclusion of an American powertrain—easy to service and maintain then, and still so today. This amalgamation positioned the Iso Grifo as one of the most beautiful, powerful, and user-friendly automobiles of its time.

Source: RM Sotheby’s