1925 Bugatti Type 30 Tourer

Introduced in 1922, the Type 30 was the first production Bugatti to feature an Inline-8 . The engine was placed on a chassis similar to that of the Type 23. At the time Bugatti opted to move to a small two-liter engine to make the car more saleable, lighter and cheap. The engine capacity also made the Type 30 eligible for Grand Prix racing, which was a new direction for the marque.

Despite the modest engine capacity, the power output was still remarkable thanks to the triple-valve arrangement. Also benefiting the Type 30 was good road handling, braking and steering which was common throughout the marque.

The Type 30 was also the first Bugatti to have front brakes. On top of this, a specially designed master cylinder allowed for hydraulic assistance. These brakes were highly innovative for period and were also used in racing on the Type 32 Tank, Type 30 GP and the Type 29/30. Almost exactly 600 examples were built from 1922 through 1926 in different configurations.

Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s