1924 Bugatti Type 30 Torpedo

Debuting in 1922, the Type 30 holds a special significance in Bugatti’s history as the company’s inaugural straight-eight engine to enter production. It also marked the introduction of Bugatti’s iconic single-overhead-cam cylinder head, solidifying its status as one of the most renowned automobile engines in history. Boasting a 1,991cc capacity, the engine featured three valves per cylinder, operated by a single gear-driven overhead camshaft, and drew air through twin Solex carburettors. This aesthetically pleasing engine generated around 100bhp at 4,500rpm.

Ettore Bugatti, known as ‘Le Patron’ and hailing from an artistic family, was celebrated for his exquisite designs, and the new eight-cylinder engine was no exception. The engine found its home in a chassis lengthened from the Brescia model, resulting in a touring car that was remarkably swift and powerful for its era, embodying many characteristics of the renowned racing Bugattis.

The eight-cylinder engine demonstrated remarkable flexibility, and once mastered, the Brescia-type gearbox provided a delightful driving experience. Out of approximately 600 Type 30s produced, fewer than 50 are known to exist today, with particular emphasis on the desirability of original examples with a documented history.

Source: Bonhams Cars