1971 Maserati Indy 4.2 by Vignale

The Maserati Indy, introduced at the 1969 Geneva Motor Show, paid homage to the brand’s victorious 8CTF racecars at the Indianapolis 500 in 1939 and 1940. Designed by Vignale, this four-seater coupe featured a unibody structure and a higher roofline than the Ghibli, providing more headroom for rear passengers. It debuted with a 4,136-cubic-centimeter V-8 engine, boasting double overhead camshafts and 260 horsepower.

Maserati initially produced 436 units with this engine before increasing displacement to 4.7 liters and later to 4.9 liters. Standard features included adjustable steering, leather upholstery, electric windows, reclining seats, fog lamps, a heated rear windscreen, and a dashboard clock. Optional additions consisted of power steering, an automatic transmission, and a radio. According to Maserati’s website, production of the Indy concluded in 1975 after manufacturing 1,102 units.

Source: RM Sotheby’s