8 thoughts on “1969 Boss 429 Mustang”

  1. My uncle bought a BOSS 429 in 1969. He let me drive it to his house as a 16 yr old. What a machine. I was hooked on Mustangs after that. Have owned both classic and current Mustangs over the years and currently have a 2015 GT.

    1. Awesome I’ve always wanted a pony from a young age finally got Mach 1 69 then the beast boss 429 raven black it’s a weapon luv all fords

  2. The 428 super cobra jet with the full on race packadge is bout as hard to find u see the cj car but to no its ascj u need hirise intake steal crank n the 427 rods or so ove ben told

  3. The Boss 429 Mustang is my dream car!! I love the look more than any other Mustang. The engine is a big bonus! I know I could never afford one. It is a beautiful dream!

  4. Lowell Driving School

    What a beautiful car. Such classics with amazing lines. Wish we could go back in time to drive this fresh off the lot.

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