1966 Rambler Marlin Fastback

The AMC Rambler Marlin stood out as a “Distinctive and Different” car that had no equal on the roads when it made its debut in 1965. This radical fastback design was the brainchild of Dick Teague and evolved from a prototype known as the Tarpan. By 1966, the design had undergone subtle changes both inside and out, including the grille, which now featured 13 very thin aluminum vertical strips behind the large horizontal color bar.

Priced at $3,100, the Rambler Marlin hit the market in March 1965. During its introductory year, a total of 10,327 units were sold. The car offered numerous options, allowing buyers to customize it according to their preferences. These options encompassed various engine and transmission choices, as well as amenities such as air conditioning, AM/FM radio, power windows, and more, making the vehicle tailored to each user’s desires.

Source: Bonhams