1929 Minerva AM Convertible Sedan by Murphy

Reflecting the carefree and vibrant lifestyle of the West Coast, the coachwork crafted by Murphy of Pasadena, California, possessed a lighter and more delicate aesthetic compared to its Eastern counterparts. This distinctive quality was epitomized by the remarkable “Clear Vision” windshield, which stood as the most notable feature of the company’s Classic Era designs.

The windshield boasted a frame narrower than the space between a person’s eyes, effectively eliminating blind spots. Beyond its safety benefits, the Clear Vision windshield contributed to an open and transparent cabin, perfectly complementing the understated and elegantly simple lines of the Murphy body.

Various iterations of this concept were created, with particular prominence given to a convertible sedan featuring a center pillar as narrow as the windshield frame, serving as the hinge point for both doors. This design gained widespread popularity and became one of Murphy’s most renowned creations, finding application on numerous chassis throughout the late 1920s.

Source: RM Sotheby’s