1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ By Zagato

Unveiled at the prestigious 1961 Geneva International Motor Show, the SZ emerged as a competition-oriented variant of the renowned Giulietta. With a featherweight body tipping the scales at a mere 770 kilograms, this agile powerhouse was a sight to behold. Its lightweight aluminum bodywork, skillfully crafted by Ercole Spada of Zagato, exuded a captivating charm.

The SZ’s design featured a harmoniously rounded and proportioned coupe silhouette, which even surpassed the compactness of its two-door counterpart, the Giulietta Sprint. This design closely aligned with Spada’s vision of creating a sports car that was both agile and nimble.

The initial production began in December 1959 and continued until 1962, during which time an estimated 217 examples of this minimalist Berlinetta were meticulously assembled. These vehicles found themselves in the hands of enthusiastic amateur racers and passionate hill climb enthusiasts, who sought the SZ’s exceptional performance on the track and beyond.

Source: RM Sotheby’s