1960 Jaguar XK150 3.8-Litre ‘S’ Coupé

The Jaguar XK150, an evolution of the XK120 and XK140, retained the same chassis, 3.4-liter engine, and four-speed Moss transmission. However, it introduced a wider body with increased interior space and a single-piece wrap-around windscreen for improved visibility. The XK150 also featured Dunlop disc brakes, addressing the earlier drum-braked models’ fade issues during repeated high-speed stops.

With a maximum power output of 190bhp, the XK150’s performance remained largely unchanged from the XK140. However, higher-performance versions included the ‘Special Equipment’ and ‘S’ models, offering 210 and 250bhp respectively.

The ‘S’ model boasted a Weslake-developed ‘straight-port’ cylinder head, high-compression pistons, triple 2″ SU carburetors, and twin electric fuel pumps. Transmission options included overdrive and a Borg-Warner automatic gearbox, with the latter gaining popularity.

Most XK150s were sold in SE (Special Equipment) specification with centre-lock wire wheels, while steel wheels were the standard option. Additionally, the iconic chromed Jaguar mascot became available as an optional extra for the XK150.

In late 1959, the XK150 received the 3.8-liter engine from the Mark IX saloon. It was offered in standard (220bhp) or ‘S’ (265bhp) states of tune, with the ‘S’ version featuring standard overdrive. Despite the increased weight, the XK150 with the larger engine proved to be powerful, capable of reaching speeds exceeding 130mph (209km/h) in magazine road tests.

Source: Bonhams