12 thoughts on “1959 Studabaker | Pickup Truck”

  1. Man i would love to have this truck, A four wheel drive one would be to me heaven!!
    I even love the color!

  2. Wow. What a truck. Looks more like a futuristic truck than a vintage one. The curves and dynamics are unreal. This would be the “Stingray” of trucks. Beautiful.

  3. Studebaker was way ahead of Detroit, in style…
    Always loved their cars & pickups…
    When everyone else was making fat, boxy , turds…
    Studebaker cars were low & sleek…
    And available with superchargers !

  4. Never understood why Studebaker was not as widely accepted to the American consumers as the big three. Personally I find the styling of their cars and trucks very pleasing.

    This is one nice truck.

  5. Definitely the best looking ute of that era alongside the 57 Chevy. Does anyone know if it was sold in Australia in right hand drive?

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