1958 BMW 503 3.2-Litre Series II Coupé

The Series II 503, introduced in 1957, adopted the 507-type engine and transmission setup with a floor-mounted change. The 3.2-litre V8 engine installed in the alloy-bodied 503 produced 140bhp, allowing the car to reach a top speed of 118mph (190km/h).

The 503 exuded an air of elegance with its elongated bonnet, 2+2 seating, and spacious boot, captivating everyone who laid eyes on it. Even Pinin Farina, a renowned car designer, hailed it as the most beautiful car at the show. Had the 507 not debuted alongside it, the 503 would have surely stood out as the most memorable.

During the 1950s, BMW’s high-performance V8 cars attracted a select clientele, including well-known names from the world of motorsports. The 503, being a luxurious and exclusive vehicle, was produced as both a closed coupé and a convertible. However, due to its high price and limited availability, only 206 coupés and 138 convertibles were delivered between 1956 and 1960.

Source: Bonhams