Weird Car Of The Day: 1955 BMW Isetta

The Isetta, produced in 1955, has a unique appearance resembling a headless beetle on wheels or a bug with a fridge-like door. It stands out as the weirdest car of its time, featuring an unconventional egg-shaped design with bubble-like windows. However, its interior accessibility is noteworthy, with the entire front end serving as a door. The dashboard and steering swing open with the single door, offering a unique entry experience. In the event of a crash, occupants would exit through the canvas roof.

1955 BMW Isetta

Despite its eccentric design, the BMW Isetta is one of the more successful cabin scooter designs from its heyday. Manufactured under license from its Italian originator, Iso, the German-built Isetta, though appearing as a three-wheeler, used closely spaced rear wheels and a single-cylinder four-stroke motorcycle engine of 247cc.

1955 BMW Isetta

Early models featured a side-hinged single door at the front, a roll-top sunroof, and fixed side windows. The steering wheel and dashboard were attached to the door to facilitate entry. The two-seater Isetta commonly had a small luggage rack at the rear, given the limited interior space. Later models (1957-onwards) improved ventilation with sliding side windows. These upgraded versions displaced 297cc, and the ‘big’ Isetta 300 could reach speeds of 104 km/h. Production of the Isetta ceased in 1962.

1955 BMW Isetta 1955 BMW Isetta 1955 BMW Isetta 1955 BMW Isetta

Photo Source: Bonhams Cars