1955 Alfa Romeo T10 Autotutto Romeo Campervan

Despite being more renowned for its sports cars, Alfa Romeo ventured into the realm of commercial vehicles with the ‘Autotutto’ (‘all purpose’) Romeo. Unveiled at the 1954 Turin Motor Show, the first iteration, T10, came in panel-van and minibus variants, followed by a range of other body types. The Autotutto marked a significant milestone as Alfa Romeo’s initial foray into left-hand drive for commercial vehicles, breaking from the tradition of exclusively producing right-hand drive predecessors.

Rather than engineering a specialized engine for the front-wheel-drive Autotutto, Alfa Romeo opted for a de-tuned version of its classic 1.3-litre twin-cam four, also found in the Giulietta. An alternative twin-cylinder supercharged two-stroke diesel engine was available as an option.

The Autotutto boasted independent suspension on all wheels, with transverse torsion bars at the rear. This configuration, combined with its front-wheel-drive design, resulted in a versatile vehicle with a spacious, flat, and low load area. The chassis could easily be extended to accommodate longer bodywork, enhancing the Autotutto’s adaptability.

Source: Bonhams