1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 C SS Berlinetta by Zagato

Elio Zagato, a passionate motorsport enthusiast and member of the renowned Italian coachbuilding family, co-founded the Sant Ambroeus racing team. When a friend joined the team with an Alfa Romeo 1900 bodied by Touring, Zagato advised him to replace it, recognizing the car’s potential for excellent performance with a different coachbuilder, specifically, himself. The 1900 C featured a short-wheelbase chassis, alloy-head dual-cam engine, and advanced suspension.

Zagato designed a delicately beautiful coupe with featherweight aluminum-alloy bodywork and Plexiglas windows, which would go on to become widely raced with considerable success all over Europe during the late 1950s. Around 39 berlinettas were built by Zagato to this design, using the 1900 C SS chassis. Today, they are renowned for their beauty and surefooted skill, making them highly collectible Italian sports cars from their generation.

Source: RM Sotheby’s