1936 Packard One Twenty Business Coupe

Introduced in the mid-1934 for the Thirteenth Series cars, Packard launched the One Twenty as their foray into the mid-market segment. Its name, derived from its 120-inch wheelbase chassis, perfectly matched its positioning. While upholding Packard’s renowned craftsmanship and luxurious features, the One Twenty also embraced several groundbreaking mechanical advancements not yet seen in the larger Senior models. These included independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes.

By the time the Fourteenth Series cars started being delivered in August 1935, the One Twenty received an upgraded version of Packard’s iconic straight-eight engine. The new iteration boasted a displacement of 282 cubic inches and generated 120 horsepower. The model came in eight different coachwork styles, and among them was the coveted two-door business coupe, which the featured lot exemplifies exceptionally well.

The One Twenty offered a range of optional features such as a single sidemounted spare wheel, heater, clock, and radio with antenna. Its popularity soared during the 1936 model year, with over 55,000 units sold, surpassing the combined sales of all other Packard models. Despite its impressive sales figures, the One Twenty underwent a rebranding as the Eight for the 1938 model year, marking the end of its brief production span of just three years.

Source: RM Sotheby’s