Weird Car Of The Day: 1997 Reliant Robin LX

The Reliant Robin, a distinctive three-wheeled car crafted in the United Kingdom, captured the imagination of the British public with its unique design and whimsical charm. Earning its place as a cultural icon, the Reliant Robin is often linked to British humor and eccentricity. The vehicle’s peculiar appearance and the inherent challenges of navigating a three-wheeler contributed to its popularity, establishing it as a classic in British motoring.

Unveiled to the world in October 1973, this iconic three-wheeled marvel initially gained traction in the UK, thanks to its economical running costs and budget-friendly price tag. However, the Reliant Robin became a subject of jest in British popular culture, mainly due to its tendency to tip over when navigating sharp turns.

Despite its less-than-flattering nickname, ‘The Plastic Pig,’ attributed to its exterior and fiberglass body, the Robin managed to attract 63,000 buyers throughout its lifespan, proving that its quirky charm endured despite the jokes.

Photo Source: Classic Car Auctions