Weird Car Of The Day: 1957 Scootacar “Telephone Booth”

In the mid-fifties, Harry Brown’s Rodley 750, a small car he had designed, was a disastrous flop as its JAP engine would overheat and ignite. It was considered one of the worst cars of its time. Nonetheless, undeterred, Harry returned a year later with a vengeance and created one of the most iconic and beloved microcars in Britain: the Scootacar.

The Scootacar, officially named so due to its hybrid nature of a scooter and a car, was given the nickname “telephone booth” by people because of its height of one and a half meters and its red paint job. A motorcycle-like steering wheel only added to this connection.

Production of the Scootacar ceased in 1964, with only around 1000 units ever made.


Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s