Shelby Cobra ‘Toy’ | Sports Car


Dad Creates The Most Awesome Shelby Cobra Toy Car with a Mini 7HP Engine for his son.

What could possibly motivate a father more than his child?
We think that this is one of the greatest job ever and congrats to Ernesto Freitas who built this miniature of the famous Shelby Cobra for his son. What a lucky kid!

We all know how amazing and fascinating the car is. It was worth the money and the 1600 hours of work. Just imagine the reaction from his sone after seeing this bombshell resting in the yard. Priceless!


This real ‘’toy’’ is made with real car parts. The bodywork is made out of fiberglass. Transmission is made through a chain up to the rear diff and uses a CVT with centrifugal clutch and a reverse box incorporated in the rear diff. This car also has functional interior and real tires and 10″ rims. The parameters of this car are: 3mt long, 1,3mt wide and weights around 250Kg also the speed is controlled up to 25mph!
This will definitely be his early coolest real drive experience ever!