1955 Porsche Type 597 ‘Jagdwagen’ Prototype

In 1954, Porsche developed the Type 597, a remarkable vehicle designed for the German Army. This unique creation combined Porsche’s expertise in sports cars and tractors, featuring a lightweight, rear-engined design, and selectable four-wheel drive capabilities. Its amphibious nature allowed it to conquer both land and water terrains effortlessly.

Porsche produced 22 prototype “military” versions of the Type 597 alongside their other orders in 1954. Some early prototypes were equipped with propellers and oars for amphibious functionality.

Despite positive performance in tests, Porsche did not secure the contract due to high development costs, assembly time, and difficulties with spare parts. The Type 597, nicknamed “Jagdwagen” or “hunting car,” was marketed to foreign armies and sportsmen between 1956 and 1960. Only 71 examples were made, and few remain today.

Source: RM Sotheby’s