16 thoughts on “58 Chevy Impala | Old Car”

  1. love my ’58 chevy, turqoise blue convertible with white top, moved the stick on the column to the floor, envy of all!

  2. The 58 Impala Convertible in the color red with twin antennas on back quarters is my all time favorite Chevrolet. Nothing else is even close. That’s just me.

  3. I owned a 58 chevy 2door hard top 283 in 1960 thru 1964 loved that car, bought it from Dexter chev in Detroit on 7 mile road .. i wished i still hade it…
    Mike Wolfe Ann Arbor mi.

  4. I had a 2door Biscayne 348 tri carbs 3 speed paid under $1000 in 1962 . Heated the front coils to rake it. I added a
    Floor shift, headers and the original two tone aqua
    And white . I then painted it anniversary gold (1962
    Impala color) The 3:08 axel was a little tuff with a 4000 plus pound car but from 30 mph to 100 I very
    Seldom had lost in a rolling start drag race.

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