1969 Ford Torino

1969 Ford Torino. The 1969 Torino saw few cosmetic changes, but there were quite a few performance oriented changes. Ford performed the typical minor styling adjustments, but overall the 1969 models of this muscle car were similar to the 1968 models. The grille was revised slightly, and now had a more prominent centre dividing bar, while the taillights were more square in shape than the 1968 units.

3 thoughts on “1969 Ford Torino”

  1. paul phillips

    I had one of these cars when I was 20 years old, I wanted a ford mustang mech 1 but ended up with the ford torino, but it was very fast and I had a lot of fun,

  2. eric hachmeister

    I owned a 71 Cobra Torino when I was in the USAF in 1976. I was blowing the doors off 440’s and 454’s with the 351 Cleveland Cobra engine.

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