1962 Triumph TR4 Roadster

The TR4, introduced in 1961, marked the initial shift in TR’s evolution from a rugged, straightforward sports car to a more refined model. Designed by Giovanni Michelotti, the TR4 boasted a modern bodyshell that updated its styling, complemented by numerous chassis enhancements.

Key improvements included rack-and-pinion steering, widened front and rear track, and an all-synchromesh gearbox, which collectively enhanced its drivability. Additionally, the adoption of wind-up windows represented a significant leap forward from the TR3’s basic side screens.

Powering the TR4 was the standard 2,138cc four-cylinder overhead-valve engine, initially featured in the TR3A. With the optional overdrive, the TR4 achieved a top speed of nearly 110mph. Today, maintaining and owning a four-cylinder TR is notably hassle-free, as these vehicles are well-supported by a wide range of component suppliers and specialists, making them among the most accessible post-war classic sports cars.

Source: Bonhams