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1935 Triumph Gloria Six Tourer

One of the most beautiful production cars in Triumph Motor Company’s history, the Gloria helped propel the British automaker upmarket. Prior to its launch in 1934, Triumph had largely produced smaller, conventional cars. The Gloria was larger, more stylish, and luxurious—with a price to match. It was produced through 1938 in a dizzying array of variants, including sporting saloons, coupes, tourers, and two-seater sports cars. Power came from four-cylinder or six-cylinder engines with displacements ranging between 1.0 and 2.0 liters.

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With a wheelbase eight inches longer than that of four-cylinder models, the Gloria Six featured a 1,991-cc, inline, six-cylinder designed by British engine manufacturer Coventry Climax and produced under license by Triumph. The suspension was non-independent with semi-elliptic leaf springs, while a Lockheed hydraulic system controlled 12-inch brake drums at all four corners. An optional freewheel mechanism for the standard four-speed manual transmission allowed gear changes without using the clutch pedal. Given its beauty and exclusivity, the Gloria Six—produced through 1937—is one of only two Triumph models classified as a Full Classic by the Classic Car Club of America.

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