Virgil Exner’s Plymouth XNR concept car, a radical design with space-age looks, was Chrysler’s final embrace of the “fins and chrome” era. While the XNR itself wasn’t meant for production, Italian coachbuilder Ghia saw potential and developed the Asimmetrica, a toned-down version intended for a limited production run.

Both cars were influenced by the space race and featured unusual design elements. The XNR had a single, off-center fin and a driver-side hood scoop that flowed into the windshield. Ghia’s Asimmetrica kept some of these features but made them more practical for everyday driving. The fin was shrunk, the windshield became more traditional, and the headlights were relocated.

The Asimmetrica’s interior was also more luxurious than the XNR’s, with tan leather, plush carpeting, and a wood-rimmed steering wheel. However, its performance didn’t match its looks. Despite boasting a NASCAR-inspired “Hyper Pak” engine upgrade, it only produced 101 horsepower, a far cry from the XNR’s estimated 250 horsepower.

Ultimately, only two Asimmetricas were built, showcasing a bold design that was a bit too extreme for the market.

Photos by Josh Bryan courtesy of RM Sotheby’s