1959 Volkswagen Beutler 1.2

The Beutler Volkswagen showcased an elegant aluminum body with distinctive rear wings, significantly larger than the Beetle from which it drew inspiration. Its length increased from 4.07 meters to 4.35, while its width reached 1.59m, a notable 5cm wider than the Beetle. Surprisingly, despite being 40kg heavier, the car’s handling improved due to a lower center of gravity and a more aerodynamic body.

The pricing strategy was ambitious, with a list price of CHF 14,950, well above the CHF 6,490 for a Beetle de Luxe and CHF 8,650 for a Beetle Convertible. It even surpassed the cost of a Porsche 356, which had a 1,300 cc engine. However, the fortunate few who became clients of this exclusive vehicle were rewarded with a contemporary coachbuilt body boasting a more spacious boot and a dashboard equipped with additional instruments compared to the Beetle.

The car also featured indicator lights, a heater, and foldable rear seats. The seats, specially crafted by Beutler, were adorned with luxurious leather, as were the door cards. A notable novelty was the headlamp flasher, a rare feature in those times. For those willing to invest further, the car could be equipped with a Porsche 356 engine and brakes at an additional cost.

Following a facelift in 1957, a limited number of approximately 28 Beutler coupes were manufactured, with only six of them boasting the powerful Porsche engine. These exclusive vehicles remain a testament to Beutler’s craftsmanship and timeless design.

Source: Bonhams