1959 Facel Vega Excellence

An innovative departure from the Bentley Continental or Maserati 3500, the early Facel Vega Coupe models swiftly found favor among affluent industrialists and celebrities, affirming the company’s motto: “The Few Who Own the Finest.” Evolving the concept, it was soon evident that Facel’s reach could be broadened by introducing a four-door variant. Thus, merely two years after the debut of the initial Facel Vega Coupe, the Excellence Sedan was unveiled.

Designed to American dimensions, the Excellence boasted graceful, slab-sided design enhanced by pillarless suicide doors (pioneering the concept well ahead of the Lincoln Continental by a significant margin), a sweeping wrap-around windshield, and understated fins gracing the rear. Inside, both driver and passengers luxuriated in plush leather seats, accented by gleaming chrome fixtures, and the iconic Facel Vega dashboard, resplendent with a cockpit-like array of gauges set amidst hand-painted wood grain.

Continuing the wood grain motif onto the rear seatbacks, along with a vanity and a secondary radio head unit, the Excellence spared no luxury. Naturally, power windows were standard, ensuring a truly refined experience for all occupants.

Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s