1956 Shoe Box Classic | Old Car

This BelAir is a timeless classic!
Brings back memories of dragging State St, stopping at the local restaurants with car hops.
This car has 4-wheel Disc Brakes, a Stroker small block, 700R4 Tranny, A/C. When I’m in my street machine, I’m 70+, when I’m in this BelAir, I’m 24!
I’m livin in the 50’s and lovin it

Submitted by: Mel

2 thoughts on “1956 Shoe Box Classic | Old Car”

  1. Levi m. Thompson

    I feel the same way when I’m driving my 53 five window Chevy. It also has a 383 stroker with a 700 r4 but I’m only 68 lol.

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