1957 Buick Roadmaster 2 Door Hardtop

1957 Buick Roadmaster 2 Door Hardtop
1957 Buick Roadmaster 2 Door Hardtop. The year for this old car featured more chrome and more bulk. Not to mention this car carried more weight and an awesome engine, old Nail Head V8.  More than half of local stock car owners ran Buick V8s which were hard to beat!

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    1. Me too! We had a 1958 Oldsmobile with all that chrome! Nicest car we ever owned! I’m looking for a model of that car. It was Mauve colored!

  1. My first car was the 57 Roadmaster convertible. White with red leather upholstery. Heavier than the coupe but the engine had power to spare. B

  2. I used to go to dealership in Lynn ma and collect brochures on 57 Buick. My father drive food garbage truck and parked blocks away.
    The 57 was perfect! The 59-60-61 was another great group. Grew up and spent career on air bags at Ford. Now live 2 miles from Milford proving grounds. Blessings happen!

  3. My family had a 55 Olds & a 55 Buick when I was in high school & I didn’t appreciate them like I should have. Love them now.

  4. My 1st was a “50 Roadmaster convertible, 2nd ’55 Special convertible, but actually my fav was a ’67 GS400 (never lost a drag)

  5. I have a 1957 Buick super I found sitting in the woods I restored it about 15 years ago beautiful automobile runs and drives like a new car Speedometer showed 32000 now it has 36000 we try to drive it every year.

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