11 thoughts on “1956 Ford Crown Victoria Skyliner”

  1. I had a 55 CrownVictoria in 1964. Bought it for $150.00 . Black inside and out, not a scratch on it. Wish I hadn’t been so stupid.

  2. We purchased the same vehicle at Mecum Kissimee in Jan 20190, equipped with Fordomatic Trans.,P.S. ,P.B, Power Seat and Windows,Optional radio and Factory Air. We still have it. Only 27 of the 603 Skyliners had factory air.

  3. Hi Harold,
    I also had a pink and white 55 ford crown Victoria.with the glass top.
    Prettiest car I ever owned.It brings back pleasant memories every time I think about the car.

  4. I always liked the ’55-’56 Ford Crown Vic’s since a neighbor brought a ’56 pink/black one home in ’56 when I was 14 yrs old -later in life I bought a decent ’55 turquoise and white one- kept it 20 years until I became disabled and sold it a couple of years back- loved to hear the rumble of the twin glass packs I put on it- miss that car but life gives us unwanted speed bumps to navigate

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