1955 Moretti 1200 Sport Spider

Coachwork by Michelotti

Giovanni Moretti initially gained recognition for his high-performance motorcycle engines. Post-World War II, he ventured into the realm of compact cars, introducing the first model propelled by his innovative vertical twin-cylinder engine.

By the late 1950s, Moretti faced stiff competition from major auto manufacturers, prompting a shift in strategy. Instead of producing entire vehicles independently, Moretti focused on crafting unique variants of popular models. Unfortunately, this approach ultimately led to the closure of the business in 1989.

Among Moretti’s automotive endeavors, one standout exemplifies the brand’s heyday and its significant impact on Italian motoring—the Moretti 1200 Sport Spider. This iconic model boasted a 1200cc iteration of Moretti’s cutting-edge lightweight twin-cam engine. For the car’s design, Moretti enlisted the talents of Giovanni Michelotti, a renowned designer who poured his lifelong passion into creating a masterpiece of automotive artistry.

Photo Source: Bonhams