1951 Kaiser DeLuxe

1951 Kaiser DeLuxe old car

The 1951 Kaiser DeLuxe. This old car was the top-line series in Kaiser’s all-new second-generation lineup. A daring and successful styling departure for its day, featuring the lowest beltline.

5 thoughts on “1951 Kaiser DeLuxe”

  1. afriend of mine from High School, with whom I worked some 20 years later.. reminded me of his “Old Jalopy,” a ’51 Kaiser, green and somewhat ‘beat.’ He called it the green lizard.. I think it was on the front fenders down on the side. 1966.

  2. A friend of mine, had a later model: Manhattan, flat head 6, with a supercharger. ..
    He wasn’t the brightest; because he put no value on it…
    Never got too into the 64 GTO, that was sitting next to it, in his garage either…
    And he always talked about how broke, he was…

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