1951 Kaiser Deluxe Jade Dragon

In 1951, Kaiser unveiled a completely overhauled lineup, showcasing a fresh design characterized by low-slung body styling courtesy of the longstanding collaborator, Howard Dutch Darrin. This redesign was aptly termed “anatomic design.”

The revamped Kaisers possessed an appealing aesthetic with a distinctive charm that reflected the company’s unwavering independence. Operating on a more modest budget compared to the industry giants, Kaiser employed cleverly crafted trim packages to distinguish the upscale Deluxe models from the more economical Special variants.

At the pinnacle of their offerings was the Dragon Series—a collection of color and trim options, each featuring distinctive heavy-grain vinyl trim that mimicked the luxurious appearance of alligator leather. To prevent any confusion and cater to Kaiser’s more budget-conscious clientele, the marketing department adopted a playful approach, dubbing it “Dragon Skin.”

The Kaiser Dragons comprised various models distinguished by their unique color combinations, such as Jade Dragon, Golden Dragon, Silver Dragon, and others. All these models were based on the Deluxe series and boasted premium features like Hydra-Matic transmissions, catering to those seeking a more luxurious driving experience.

Source: Bonhams Cars