1938 Talbot-Lago T23 Cabriolet

After the acquisition of Talbot of Suresnes by Major Anthony “Tony” Lago, the French manufacturer introduced the T23 as one of their initial new models, leading to the creation of the Talbot-Lago brand. The T23, also known as the “Baby Talbot,” came in various chassis lengths and featured an X-braced independent front suspension.

Under the hood, it boasted a six-cylinder engine with a hemispherical head design, operating with a low-set camshaft and crossed pushrods connected to long and short rocker arms. Equipped with twin Solex carburetors, this engine could generate 140 bhp at 4,200 rpm. Combining its charming aesthetics with elegant bodywork, the T23 became renowned as one of the remarkable sporting automobiles of the pre-war era.

Source: RM Sotheby’s