1932 Nash 1080 Special Eight Convertible Sedan

Coachwork by Seaman

The Nash eight-cylinder models from 1932 and 1933 epitomize the elegance of their time, featuring gracefully streamlined designs highlighted by a subtly angled radiator shell, elongated flowing fenders, and meticulously crafted bodies.

Among these, the offerings from Milwaukee’s Seaman coachbuilder stand out as exemplars of beauty. Seaman’s convertible sedan, reminiscent of the exquisite Auburn bodies of the era, boasted a distinguished beltline molding accentuating its two-tone color schemes. Beneath the hood lay magnificent engines renowned for their dependable engineering and seamless performance.

Though the larger 1090 series Nashes are better recognized, the slightly smaller 1080 Special Eight carries all the charm and a robust engine producing 100 horsepower. Sadly, surviving examples of these automobiles, particularly the Seaman convertible sedan, are scarce, a loss to automotive history.

Source: Bonhams