1931 Duesenberg Model J Tourster by Derham

Gordon M. Buehrig, the staff designer at Duesenberg, crafted numerous stunning bodies for the Model J, but his personal favorite was the stylish Tourster. Buehrig described it as a five-passenger touring car that was elegantly understated in ornamentation, looking equally handsome with the top raised or lowered.

The Tourster’s long 153 ½-inch-wheelbase chassis allowed for a rear seat positioned ahead of the rear axle, creating more interior space while maintaining a lower top and beltline compared to other phaetons.

Buehrig’s ingenuity was evident in the Tourster’s rear windshield, addressing the common issue with dual-cowl phaetons of being cumbersome to operate. He devised a solution where the rear windshield could slide up and down the back of the front seat with a crank handle, providing both a stylish windbreak and staying out of the passengers’ way.

Only eight Toursters were ever produced, all crafted by the Derham Body Company in Rosemont, Pennsylvania.

Source: RM Sotheby’s