1931 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Sedan

On December 1, 1928, the Duesenberg Model J made its grand entrance at the New York Auto Show, heralding a new era for Indianapolis craftsmanship. At its core was Fred Duesenberg’s potent 420 cubic-inch inline eight-cylinder engine, a marvel boasting twin overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder. With 265 bhp in its natural state and 320 bhp with the optional supercharger, the Model J established itself as the epitome of power and luxury.

Nestled in an advanced chassis with adjustable hydraulic drum brakes and automatic chassis lubrication, the Duesenberg Eight surpassed all competition in speed, exclusivity, and price, dominating American roads. Duesenberg provided a range of semi-custom body designs from LaGrande and catalog styles from renowned coachbuilders like Murphy and LeBaron. Buyers, especially in Europe, often sought custom coachwork from prestigious firms.

In Europe, the Model J found favor among sportsmen and nobility, with many passing through the doors of Motor Deluxe in Paris, led by E.Z. Sadovich. This showroom, the foremost outlet for Duesenberg overseas, achieved significant sales and promotional success. Reflecting on his triumph at the 1931 Paris Salon, Sadovich recounted selling fourteen Model Js between October and January, solidifying the car’s allure among Europe’s elite.

Source: Bonhams Cars