70’s Plymouth Barracuda | Muscle Car

The Plymouth Barracuda is all new for 1970 and has dropped the fast back on the coupe so all ties with the Valiant are severed and it can now shake the stigma of being an economy car. The new version, coins the moniker of “‘cuda” on all the higher performance models with the name taken from a performance option package offered first in ’69.

The all new ‘cuda is now on the Chrysler “B platform with the E body” and it shares this platform with the Challenger although there is no similar sheet metal-only sharing the chassis design but the ‘cuda is on a two inch shorter wheel base. The car is offered in two versions for ’70 and ’71-the entry level (BH) Barracuda and the luxuriously appointed Grand Coupe (BP). The 1971 model year also offers a plain jane coupe version with fixed rear passenger windows and a minor B pillar. The engine compartment now offers more space and has ample room for the newly released 426 cu in (7.0 L) hemi.